Wednesday, September 12, 2007


"The digital canon at this point was one of a certain formal elegance coupled with spatial uncertainty. In Pencere/Window (1995), Hakan Akçura (Turkey) used 48 photographic images of windows documented at different times in different light. Then a computer generated an image of the final work, that was applied in acrylic paint on canvas. The familiarity of a personal room, a private flat or living quarters, was destroyed with the creation of an average space. It is at once vaguely strange and yet recognisable, like a rearrangment of old furniture."

Strangely normal (digital art in the Istanbul Biennial) / Charlotte Bydler

(She is a doctoral candidate at the Department of Art History at Uppsala University in Sweden and an art critic at Aftonbladet. At present she is working on her thesis, focusing on the internationalization of contemporary art.)

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